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TechTainment 6.0 - Day #1 REAL FUN, Virtually the Same as Before?

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Real Fun, Virtually the Same as Before? In-person entertainment of all types has been restricted by the pandemic. Even after restrictions are lifted, how will location-based entertainment thrive in a possibly socially-distanced world? As society gets back to going out, will adoption of AR/VR technologies accelerate? How can AR/VR entertainment technology reduce the impact of enhanced hygiene and capacity measures? Our incredible panelists bring their expertise in AR/VR and non-virtual entertainment to discuss what an augmented future could look like at a ball game, park, theater, or show. Featuring Tammy Brandt, Chief Legal Officer at Dreamscape, Brent Bushnell, CEO at Two Bit Circus, Christian Dieckmann, VP of Strategic Growth at Cedar Fair, Ishita Kapur, Director, Mixed Reality Content at Microsoft and Gene Rogers, Vice President, Global Live and Location Based Entertainment at Lionsgate. Moderated by Oral Caglar, Principal Counsel, Corporate Legal Technology at Disney.

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